For Schools and Students

We welcome your high school students for hours of activities provided by local industry partners at our 4th Annual Build My Future® STL. Students will have the opportunity to meet local construction professionals and have a unique hands-on experience in the construction trades. There will be virtual reality simulations as well as educational displays, equipment operations and learning labs in the areas of new construction, plumbing, masonry, welding, flooring, landscaping, roofing, siding, heavy equipment machinery operation, excavating and more! Individual schools throughout the St. Louis and surrounding region receive registration invitations. If you have questions, please contact Kara Dalton.

To take part of this FREE opportunity, schools must pre-register. Check back in October for the online School Registration Form.

If your school cannot pre-register to attend, students may attend this FREE event between 2pm and 4pm on Wednesday, April 30.